Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wordless Wednesday---Worth it Wednesday! Kris Kelly Foundation

From their site:

"The Foundation

The Kris Kelly Foundation was founded by Kris Kelly after many years of dreaming of her own Non-Profit to save animals from abuse, slaughter, and neglect. The Foundation is taking an approach to not only work for animals but work for people also.

When Kris Kelly was in 5th grade she read a book for a book report about an old lady and an old horse. They were friends and spent a lot of time together. Kris remembers her teacher asking her over and over "Why do you think they are such good friends" Kris was talking her teacher kept saying "Keep talking...keep talking". Kris finally said "Because they are BOTH lonely and need each other". The teacher gave her a big smile and then an A on her oral book report.

That scene has run through Kris's mind over
  the years. She didn't know what would come of this memory that she couldn't shake. As she grew older she developed a yearning to have the elderly, animals, and children work together.

The Kris Kelly Foundation is an animal rescue organization that embraces the elderly and children (that includes teenagers).

People have to understand that they have to live with the animals and animals NEED people. We all need each other. We are all one and together we can all help the ones in need heal.

There are a lot of lonely souls that are in need of healing and The Kris Kelly Foundation is here to find those souls and then heal them. Souls come in all ages, sizes, skin colors, fur, skin, and races. We embrace everyon
 e. Whatever costume you wear on your journey in this  life underneath the costume is a  being that is full of love.

We at The Kris Kelly Foundation embrace "Humanity" and we give dignity and a voice to the animals that need someone to do it for them.

If anyone is interested in fostering for The Kris Kelly Foundation please Contact Us "

Sharing this from The Barking Army: this morning an incredible foundation, The Kriss Kelly foundation, they are a non profit 501c3 group dedicated to the rescue of animals from abuse, slaughter, neglect and hell...

"The Kris Kelly Foundation transport is going once again tomorrow to Santa Cruz, CA...we've been transporting for the past two weeks...gas and rentals have been expensive...if anyone can donate to our transport tomorrow we sure would appreciate it...nothing is too small...our Paypal account is THANK YOU!!"

Please check out their website here and read of why the foundation began and what they are doing now. They need some help from amazing people like you. Please share and help if you can thank you! 




Michelle Liew said...

Organizations like this make a real difference to an animal's life.

silvieon4 said...

Yes they do and they deserve our support. SCREW PETA!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a great organization! *high paws* to them for all that they do.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great cause.

Studio Kaufmann said...

What an amazing organization. I will tell my dog loving pals about it. Happy Wordless Wednesday! xx