Saturday, August 24, 2013

A working girl's LIFE

So, I am trying to earn some extra scratch.  I really need to save up for that ZONDA because momma is too cheap to buy it.  I got myself a job at a cute little sushi place. Love the white tuna and the crab roll...I eat what falls off... HATE the strange two leggeds that keep whining that their fish is raw. Helloooo... S U S H I. Anywho.  I am pooped and the tips ehhhh.  I should be making paper tips, not spare change tip.  I don't have a 1000 years to save up for the Zonda.  I need to clear about $3,000 a day. You know, gas money, insurance, rims...

So, if you are in the mood for sushi, and you need to get in the mood like 5 times a day 'cause I need the cash, come to see me working and leave me a couple of Madisons for tips. I will be ever so grateful and will give you the best service a Bichon can give.

Dear Uncle Jay, can I ride your Pagani until I get my own?  I am cute, clean, fluffy, sweet and I give snuggles and kisses.  I could "dress" up your Pagani and up your cool factor by like a zillion! And... you could be the only driver with a cute Bichon passenger. {I would never presume to drive your car...}

Well, I am going to soak my tired paws.



Sally Ann and Andy said...

I knew a another Sylvie who loved fashion, and other things equally as well as you do. You should try your paws at modeling. You could earn more than paw pocket money with one shoot.
Sally Ann

silvieon4 said...

Ohhh great idea, I wrote to the photog who took the Pirelli calendar pics, not a peep out of him! I am ready, willing and able. If you know anyone, send them my way!