Monday, August 5, 2013


Hey, it's my birthday. No, a lady never reveals her age, Mostly because I don't want to depress anyone, I mean... I look great- I am aging like a fine wine. Not a white hair out of place [ HAHAHAHAHA- I kill me] 


Could you please serve me breakfast while I recline?  Hand feed me. Please, Birthday, you know.  Daddy, hand feed me. :)  I love it when I can do this.

Ehmmm.... I need to cogitate my birthday din din menu. Oh heck I am going to be generous as it is my nature, turkey jerky all around, on the house!  It's on me! [Wendy, JD, you can thank me later].

Presents? I do get those, right?  And no rags or collars.  Practical things are NOT presents.

You know I think a visit to the store is in order, right?  So do my belly rub and then we will plot the day.

Happppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  BBBBBBBBBiiiirthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy toooo ME!


Dear baby girl, 

yes it is your birthday and yes we will celebrate it in style. You are one of my greatest joys and I bless Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue every day for allowing me to bring you into our world. You can wear me down, but one look at that puddin face and I forget that you are a handful. [Lucky for you, ha?]
Happy birthday angel face, I love you very much. Momma

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Marshmallow said...

Happy Birthday Silvie! Instead of just a belly rub, I think you should hold out for a massage. My brother, Prince, calls them full body pets and loves them. We hope you have a super-duper, chewy filled, wonderful day!! You certainly deserve it!