Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Diet changes: the ying and yang of foods

Soooooo, we have been on a quest to add variety to our diet. This is what you call a "forced" quest.  JD has been having some issues and our vet suggested modifying his diet to "cool" down his system. So, we have all been beneficiaries to this grand experiment.

Momma has been reading stuff like this " http://chienergy.co.uk/yinyang-food.htm" tring to get educated.

So, here is the program summary:

Duck. Momma has added duck. I love duck. Not as much as Wendy loves duck, but I do love it. Gizzards and livers and duck sans the skin. {I think the hoomans eat that. Or momma claims that it is tooooo fatty}, aha.

Turkey gizzards and livers and turkey in general. BTW, momma has been on a royal hunt for turkey livers and gizzards and where are they???? {junk food companies are buying them up and we have not been able to locate any. Junk food companies that make toxic dog food at that. Don't get me started on that one}

Pork liver. eh.  It is ok. I love pork chops way better.

Sweet potatoes which, if you ask me looks and taste just like pumpkin. But pumpkin is a warming food and a no no. Because of allergies, EVERYONE in Tidewater should be eating sweet tators, says the vet!

Rabbit. Some little bunny ended up in the frying pan. Apologies, it was delicious.

Crab. JD only eats real crab. The surimi experiment was a dismal failure. You could hear the boy grumble : "Pollock???? You think you can feed me Pollock and get away with it? Hand over the real crab and shrimp and stop trying to  feed me caca!"  Yuh. momma cracks the claws for him. He owns momma.

More yogurt. Some icky powder momma gives JD hidden in a capsule. Wait.  Am I getting something hidden???  I hope not. I am going to look.

We are incorporating Eastern medicine principles along with Western medicine to help the old boy.

I like the idea of getting full body massages. We are all getting those. :)  I like it.

On the down side... Momma  says no more buttah.  Now mind you, we split a pat [1/2 tsp] 3 ways. It is not like we were getting sticks of buttah.  But, alas no more. No carbs, Or very very little if any.

But on the whole, we have been licking our plates clean. And here is what we will not eat.... duck feet. ICK,

Momma contemplated buying an array of strange food, decided not to. This is as strange as she is willing to get. HAHAHAHAHA  I crack me up.  The woman eats tripe and tongue!  Nuff said.

Do you need to cool your system?  Are you itchy?

Try this.
Take some of these, put them in a frying pan and saute until cooked. Cut them up [Bichons like small pieces] and serve them up!

To your health.


Unknown said...

Ah, little Silvie (and mama Silvie), Rocky gets turkey and duck everyday as his two primary proteins with a bit of bison or venison thrown in to keep it going. Sweet potatoes are also good. When I was growing up, our family had abig dog -- labrador retriever big dog and my mom would buy multiple containers of chicken livers and gizzard every week and then cook them for Pepper every day -- he also got a bit of scrambled eggs daily too. Rocky likes chicken necks (raw) and cooked chicken liver. I think I will have to stop at one of the Asian grocery stores to see what other animal goodies I can get for him.

silvieon4 said...

well, just pass on the cow penis... yea look at FB pics as posted...:)

Flea said...

Can you have chicken gizzards and livers? My mom used to buy them in bulk for our dog - she'd get them from the small local fried chicken shop. Be creative when looking for bird parts.

silvieon4 said...

Not chicken, we have allergies to chicken. Turkey and duck.