Monday, August 19, 2013

Caro Mario Sorrenti and PIRELLI,

Dear Mr. Mario Sorrenti,

I have seen the promos and snippets about the PIRELLI CALENDAR  for 2013. Yawn.
Ho hum.  Seriously, you have a bunch of hairless two leggeds. Skinny ones. Ragless. YAWN.

That whole concept has been done to death.  I mean... really, is there anything like that that Playboy and the other mags have not already explored with that genre of model?

Mario, ti posso dare del tu?  Ascoltami...  Go rogue. Go innovative, go into new territory. Have you had a really cute bitch model for you before? Noooo not that kind. MY kind.  Have you ever considered having a model that universally evokes ohhs, ahhs, melty feelings and is at the same time sexy? [JD says I am super sexy and JD knows.]

Think of how much publicity you would generate!

I think if you use my pic and have the staple bejewelled, it could look spectacular.

I am every bit as glam, and elegant and universally attractive as any one of the two leggeds contorting themselves to look interesting.   There is time.  Do a spread featuring moi and put me in the middle. And to boot, you could become the darling of the rescue world!  Ya, know, backstory could be my journey from .... say it gang:  RESCUE TO ROYALTY!!!

Mario, I have tons of modeling experience. Look at this blog and, have you seen the Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue Calendars?   I have been on the cover multiple times!.  I am a pro, always on time, always ready, with a smile on my face and a can do attitude.  And when I diva up, I am a DIVA!  What have you got to lose? Conventionality? Come on, go for it. Call me.

Allora, call me, show the world you are an innovative photographer.

Pirelli, momma needs new tires, Let's make a deal!.


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Two French Bulldogs said...

we though you were a yoga instructor
Benny & Lily