Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Some of the WHITE HATS at lunch today

So.... blind momma took a bunch of weird pics today. Obviously most were not even remotely usable.

She needs to get her eyes fixed for sure. Oh pardon moi... HER EYE... apparently one was fixed [not that you could tell], but here are the usable pictures...

Have you noticed? All the smiles? You know why don't you? Owning a BICHON makes you happy!

You should adopt one TODAY!

Here is Auntie Robin thinking... and asking questions 

And Winter and Penny should know their momma was listening ...to doggie advice from Nancy Cronce, a highly regarded dog trainer (who is working with several of our adopters)

Wynn, your momma was asking questions too! Watch out.

I thought they met to eat lunch, not gossip about us! Hooooomans!

so when does the food get served?   I see no food!

I suppose we should thank Nancy Cronce, but wink wink, really she is a people trainer...via us dogs.... what can say...


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