Sunday, January 3, 2016

You think you know...

what I am thinking?

You think I am thinking chaise= fab
ray of sun= awesome.

Chaise+ray of sun= Fabulously awesome

Yup, that was the initial fleeting thought.  But I am a deeper thinker than that and you should know that by now.

The chairo-scuro setting created the perfect setting for deep thinking.

And so my mind went on to work... I have been reading a lot lately and was rather disturbed by quotes attributed to supposedly "wise" "intelligent man". Cough cough cough...

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

And hoomans will life???? I suppose I should be grateful he admits animals have a soul. But the ethnospecic  thinking that oozes out of that statement is just bizarre. Dude! I have every right to my life precisely because it is MY life. What a tool! Hegel was is and forever will be WRONG! He is dead, right? Hope he stays that way. Hey dude, you are  were hooman, why did you not will your life?  Ha????"

Lucky for me there are many many better hoomans that have written valuable thoughts. Like this one.
James Herriot

Ob, I am a thinker.  Lucky for me I have the perfect setting to think in.


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