Monday, January 11, 2016

My turn.

Remember when I got stitched and momma had to take care of me?
Well, I got all better and despite the humiliation of having to wear a onsie, I maintained my dignity.

Well, it's my turn to take care of the momma. She was going through a box in the garage and 
apparently she put her hand on a sharp piece of broken glass that she did not see.
The glass retaliated. It cut momma's finger and made her bleed a lot.

Daddy pitched the glass into the trash, because we do not tolerate aggressive ill mannered glass.

But the only way the momma stopped bleeding was to get the finger sewn up. So, now I am taking care of her. I mostly alert daddy if the woman decides to do something stupid. Like running the vacuum. 

So I watch her.
On, you know what is neat?  She has a metal finger bed! Seriously, her finger has it's one little canoe like splinty thing!  Keeps the finger straight. No, it's her ring finger, not her middle finger! You have a strange mind.

I will spare you the cell pics that daddy took while they sewed up the momma. Pretty nasty.
I am grateful he was not there when Dr Redding worked on my tushy! 
Daddy.... OVER THE LINE!

So, for now, I am offering her my belly 24/7 on demand, because these are the sacrifices one makes for love. I let her rub my belly and that keeps her from doing DOG knows what else.

Oh not to be petty or anything, but she only got 3 stitches. I had 7.  Nuff said. But hen again she did play the open artery card... "I am momma, I can bleed to death"... little attention hog...

Back to nursing duty.



Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh no poor momma. You take pictures of her at her worst moment
Lily & Edward

bichonpawz said...

Oh NO 'vie...this is not a good situation!! We all know how much momma loves to bake! Now...she must rest up! So...good girl ' just nurse her right back to health...sending prayers momma feels better!