Saturday, December 12, 2015

"working like a"

JD, on duty at the front window. Nothing escapes his watch.
Please do not interfere. 
This is serious work.

So, why is the hooman across the street moving his car?
JD is watching.
JD is not thrilled with this. 
This is not part of the routine as it has been established!

Cosmo joins him.
JD's low growl must mean something!
Cosmo is now barking.

JD to Cosmo: "Don't bark, no need for that.  This is a low level threat.  Just growl, like this... GRRRRRR"

 Cosmo, pay attention, that hooman is NOT the original owner of that house and I never let him forget that. Just a low growl. He is aware he is being watched.

JD to Cosmo: "He calls us THE FLUFFY PATROL. That is so not acceptable!"

Cosmo: "You think watching him like this makes him nervous?"
JD: "I think he knows he can't get away with anything. And where did the prior owners go anyway?"
[JD does not cope well with change. He has been waiting for the original owners for almost 6 years now...]

JD: "Well Cosmo, if you got this, I will go check on the breakfast makers and move them along.
A dog's work is never done..."

Meanwhile... some other high maintenance princess is practicing her "If I fit I sit" principle... because
after all... she is a "PRINCESS"...

Vie: "Boys... like anyone takes them seriously!".....


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The Flynnigans said...

The princess is beautiful but the boys are pretty handsome themselves. ;)