Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Dancing with joy and ELATION!

This is Erik with his new momma - his VERY OWN, 100% COMPLETELY "his"
momma. Auntie Maryann.

A long story this one. Two healing hearts coping with losses find comfort, love at last in each other.
Mhh, not so long after all, huh?

Auntie Maryann had just lost her beloved Frannie. Erik had lost his momma.
Now the sorrow has been pushed out by love, joy, happiness and comfort.

Yuh.  That is how it works.
Frannie, in your memory your momma has welcomed Erik. She is not alone. Be at peace darling.

Erik, like could you get any luckier?
You know what they say?

Some find love at first and some find love at last!

And I am dancing and doing tail twirls!!!!!

PS. those two look pawsitively HAPPY!!!!

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