Saturday, May 30, 2015

Whomp- there "it" is

Hello everyone!  Miss me? Well, I am here. I am working my tushy off trying to train "it".  The Cosmo. Trying being the operative word.

That boy is all kinds of nuts. He has no real understanding of how to handle a hooman and how to "manage" one.

You see that unbridled enthusiasm? That tail wagging, complete insane play bow? It is constant.  Show him a chewie and there it is, show him a toy and there it is, call his name and there it is... Oy I am exhausted just looking at him.

Trying to explain to him the law of diminishing returns its like trying to teach him Latin.
JD, The Wendy and I simply put have pretty much given up on him. We have taught him bed boundaries. Nobody messes with our designated bed spots. But as far as how he should deal with the hoomans...he is deaf.

"Hold back a little, make them earn it, don't give it all up...." all mean nothing to him. He is crazy. And he is momma fixated. MY momma. Just reminding him of that. And I have no problem evicting him from her lap when it suits me. After all. I was here first.

[of course the JD and The Wendy are making grumbling noises, but they were here on a different level... right?- I am going with that...]

But I do tell you, having a Cosmo comes in handy. You can always blame him for "stuff" and they hoomans believe it and forgive it because he is supposedly "adjusting".
Smirk. AHA....

I am still the Silvieon4.
nuff said.


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Quinn and Angel brandi said...

You are definitely the top dog in your home. Poor Cosmo. Needs more waps on the side of his head!