Thursday, May 7, 2015

Random thoughts and opinions on Thoughtless Thursday....

Good news is coming.  A happy dance is in the offing... BUT you know momma. Until it actually happens she is not going to even think about it.

JD thinks momma is superstitious.  I don't think she is SUPERstitious. I just think she is normal stitious,   I mean it's not as if she is scared of black cats or something like that. That is some silliness that certain hoomans cling to because their last two functioning brain cells are only able to cling to simple simple color coding concepts. STOOOPID.

And while talking about STOOPID... The moron who posted on FB that she "pierced" her cat's ears...
Lady, you went beyond STOOPID into animal cruelty.  You should never be allowed to have pets or children. Clearly your issues need to be worked out else where... like in a psychiatrist's office. If I had thumbs... I would pierce her!

So, wee have been watching momma stirring up the pool. OK, if truth be told, we have been watching Cosmo watch the momma. As the alchemy of the pool prep takes place, Cosmo grows a bit "worried". Hahahahaha.  Ok. I will stop.

Wait- I have to be honest here. I was worried as well until I overheard that we are going to be visiting Mr Myke. Grooming and pool do not mix. As long as I can delay that pool being open...grooming will trump pool. Some of us NEED to be groomed....hi JD. You know JD... lately we have been calling him "Poodle Paws". That post op mishap gives the boy reason to blush. But hey, who can see that blush underneath that wild white overgrowth??? He does look like a messy unmade bed.

Max is coming over for a visit. He is due for a Mr Myke day as well. Chuckle.  Mr Myke, are you ready for the 5 Bichons family?  Better start lifting weights or something. Should I bring you a protein bar for endurance? Mr Myke is our groomer.  He is the best. When we come out of there we look ready for a photo shoot. Better hide her camera card...

Until grooming day, momma, stop calling me "Scruffy".

I am not in love with THAT name,  
My name is Silvie.

And don't expect me to hop to you. I am pouting.
I am mad at you.

It is NOT funny.
I AM mad at you.

Can I point out that you are looking a bit faded?  Perhaps you should be worried about getting Miss Lolly to unsparkle your temples momma. Know what I mean?   You kind of look like you have given up.

Trust me, I have to be cruel to refocus her.  
She will be obsessing over us...

And in case you are wondering. JD sees "everything" and he is back on duty!

That's it momma. You are boring me with all this talk about wash, cut blow, dry.

I will be in my apartment, the private one, behind the green chair in your office.

Don't bother me.

[yes, that means no vacuum!!!]


FANCY the Red Standard Poodle said...

Hi Y'all!

I have my crate where I can retreat and no one will bother me. I go in there if the Humans want me to do something I don't want to do.

Y'all come on by,
Hawk aka BrownDog

bichonpawz said...

We have special hiding places too 'vie.

One HAS to!!