Thursday, May 28, 2015

MIA or maybe not.

So,  here I am.
Contrary to rumors, I have not taken a flight to Cuba, nor have I  pulled a Cio Cio San [Madama Butterfly].

In its essence, after 4,594 posts, I needed to step back a bit, I guess.

It was not planned, But it was much needed.

So let me ketch-ups you.  Sit down and have a Cool Hand Cuke martini.

They seem to make momma very smooth.  All the wrinkles in her forehead disappear when one of these is near by.

Renovations continue at our house. Things are changing.

Of course some things are plain weird . Like this... Yea, I am told it's temporary, but heck. I have been using it as a prop, much to my humans' dismay.

I do a wonderful "vestal virgin" imitation, and do the whole behind a brick wall bit. Daddy finds it seriously upsetting and blames momma for my twisted sense of humor. What??? You find immurement macabre? And so it is, but I did not invent it, And...what else are you going to do with a dang brick wall?

Live from the IMPROV.... was my other stick, but they expect jokes when you open with a line like that and this is a tough crowd, a pig that good you don't eat all at once* will not sustain a full set!

And momma already appropriated La Monaca di Monza, so I have very few choices. Oh yuh she also does this great "my husband finally snapped and I have been bricked in" bit which causes daddy to grind his teeth... 

Yes, eventually that "door" will disappear. 
Like I said, reno is a "process".

Twelve ghizzillion times a day I hear momma remind herself that the dust, the noise, the mess and the general feeling of OUT OF CONTROL is only temporary, that it will be worth it, that it will be over. Soon. AHA.  It is her new mantra and it is one of the few ways we can get her to self soothe and calm down...

Speaking of "processes".  The pool is clean!

They sucked, scrubbed, sprinkled, stirred, backwashed, flocked and vitamined C the dang thing.

That all spells "doom".  WE are GOING in...
For sure.

But the news is not all bad. Let me tell you about THE new toy momma has that is worth a mention.

You see that smile?
that is a "smoker is loaded smile"

Yuh. My very own pit mistress,

and ribs,,, and chicken, and turkey and duck... etc etc...  the smells from the smoker create such joy that it spills over and I end up loving up  the WENDY.

JD is NOT into smoked anything, He is doing better, but he is JD. Momma's PITA.  I am not allowed to type the word ass.,. so PITA has to make do. Pain in the....

He is the supervisor of all things.... as always...
 I am testing the new cushions and the new chaise.  They are wonderful!
The water is still too cold, right momma????????

Sitting out here is so nice!

Cosmo continues his love affair with Splish....the duck...

Max visited!  And yuh he is still Max!

Oh there have been other changes and I am not even sure they matter, but some thing called Alexa is being added to our life, and momma is talking about joining the Dowi and nonna in Lost Wages.

I have no idea what that means. But when I do I will let you know.

Hey, we have new peoples in the yard... Going to see what is up and bark my head off.

It's my job, dude!!!



bichonpawz said...

You all have LOTS going on in your life!! Mama noticed that Tidewater has some pretty cute little bichons that need homes...Daddy is not listening to her. We just went to the groomer today and we look AWESOME but we wouldn't let mama take any pictures because we were NOT happy that she took us there without any warning at all!! It just so happens that the groomer lady had two off we went!! We just ADORE all of the gorgeous pictures of you guys and wish we lived closer so we could have a play date!! xo Chloe and LadyBug

bichonpawz said...

Oh, Silvie...forgot to ask you...who is your website hosted by? I would like to go with but am not sure if I should use GoDaddy or BlueHost or ????