Sunday, June 7, 2015

Technosavy PET families use apps!

 ASPCA Mobile App: [free]


What it does:
1. Provides you with latest news about animal welfare
2. Will guide you with the right information and advice for your pets during natural disasters.
3. You can store and manage your pet's vital health records.
4. If your pet is missing, you can follow a step-by-step procedure on how to find a lost animal and will help you create a digital flyer of a missing pet can to be shared to your social media accounts.

The American Red Cross -  Pet First Aid App

What it does:
1. Provides immediate access to first aid guide.
2. It includes simple instructions and videos for emergency situations. 
3. Helps you also locate the nearest vet hospital with this app.
Costs .99 cents 

Pet Saver- from Pet Tech

What it does:
1. Provides detailed procedures with step-by-step instruction for first aid skills and daily care. [yes CPR too]
2. Lists of foods, plants and substances toxic to pets with description, photos, symptoms if ingested with directions for actions for survival .

 Tagg - GPS Pet Tracker

Tagg - GPS Pet Tracker
What it does:
It tracks wherever your dog is, especially when they accidentally get lost. It also monitors your dog's activity and the temperature of their current surroundings. The app is free, the collar is not.  Worth it if you have a runner
tagg app

Pet Phone

What it does:
Lets you track your pet's health easier. You can store your pet's health history such as medications, allergies, weight, etc and make the information accessible for different vets . This can be synced on your calendar reminders.


What it does:
Petoxins app provides you a list of poisonous plants your pets should avoid. It includes images, alternate common names, scientific names and potential symptoms in case of ingestion. There is also information to help you if your pet ingested a poisonous substance. The information in the app is compiled by an expert team from ASPCA to keep your pets poison-free.



There is a plethora of good info out there. BUT you need to choose an app, download it and GET FAMILIAR with it. Having 10 apps on your phone that you are not familiar with it's useless...
Other fun apps:
Bring Fido
It is a good resource for dog-friendly destinations, accommodations and restaurants.


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bichonpawz said...

What an awesome idea for a post! There are a TON of apps out fact, I probably own about a third of the photography ones that are available on the app store! I have never actually looked for pet apps before. I love the photo editing apps and often use them in my posts! Guess it is the artistic side of me. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful apps...I appreciate it!!

Ryan J said...

Those are great! I may need to get the GPS pet tracker. Bentley has run off twice this summer already. He's not allowed off leash at all anymore, not even in our own yard, but the tracker would definitely give me some peace of mind!

Unknown said...

I've heard a lot of good things about Pet Saver. I don't have a smart phone so I'll have to take your word for it :) Though I have decided when I get a new phone the ResQWalk app is one of the first things I'm going to use.

Robin said...

I love it that so many pet apps are starting to spring up. The Pet Saver app looks like a really great one for any pet owner. It would be nice to have that information right at your finger tips in a moment's notice. Unfortunately bad things happen when you are least prepared for them.

Unknown said...

These are such great apps and many I haven't heard of! We use ResQWalk and love it :)