Thursday, June 11, 2015

JD is out of sink?

Can we chat????

JD is making the momma crazy.  Momma keeps saying that JD is out of "sink".
We are all worried about this, because clearly there is something wrong with momma.  JD has NEVER been in a sink! I asked JD.  He swore up and down on a stack of chewies that he has never been IN a sink.  Next to, yes,  In?  Neveah.  And we have never seen him in a sink.

Lately those two seem to argue a lot.

Momma serves breakfast on time by 7 am. Not soon enough for Cosmo, but plenty soon for moi and the Wendy. JD, on the other paw seems to want his breakfast to be served no earlier that 10 am. Until then, he chooses to nap. The sound of NPR, the smell of coffee and the clatter of breakfast preparations apparently puts him in a deeper sleep. As proper staff, momma should just back off. The boy will eat when he is hungry.

But drill Sargent momma reacts by going into full delusion mode. She mutters "JD IS OUT OF SINK".

We all know that momma has some serious... cleaning fixations. But why focus on a sink? And which sink? You got me.  But that woman is for sure lost in her translation.

Shhhh she is coming. talk about the builder, Louis Vuitton... anything that will capture her mind...

So you think we need to get help for her and her sink fixation? 

At my wits's end.

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