Saturday, October 3, 2015


The roomer is a  LIE.

Vicious, cold, calculated LIE.

Yea I am mad.

And I will get to the "bottom" of this. I will find the source and I will deal with it appropriately. I don't come from a family of lawyers for nothing you know...

What am I woffing about?  Well, it came back to me that some vicious entity has been telling anyone with ears that my recent surgery was a butt lift! I know, right?! AS IF! [TMZ wanted confirmation!!!!!! Had to tell Harvey the "lawyer" that publication would be libel because it is a LIE. Hi Harvey.... sneer]

My tush has never needed to be lifted because it never dropped! Boy -oh-boy-oh-boy, To kick a girl when she is down... how low can they sink?

While I would have liked to keep the details of my procedure private, I feel compelled to clear the air if you will, before the lie makes it on any one of the gossip sites.  I don't want it to show up on D-Listed or Just Jared or on any one of those... sites... and have everyone believe it.

While we are at it, I did not have a tail transplant, my original equipment is perfection and no replacement was ever needed.

And furthermore, I did not receive liposuction, botox, or implants or fillers and no, there was no consultation with the Drs from "Botched" and certainly no plan has been made to fly to Brazil for a stay at the Ivo Pitanguy Clinica! 

My butt was and is perfect! Ask  momma.  She always says that my butt is God's best expression of that body part! And it is!!!!

What I had was a simple cyst excision, Period. End.

I suppose this rumor was fueled by the green monster of jealousy. Obviously who ever started it has a bad butt. So... I am looking around. Looking for the ugliest saddest butt attached to a vicious little mouth... I am hoping they have assets because I will be seeking to recover for  my damages and this girl ain't cheap!

The red leash is attached to moi. Does that look like a butt in need of plastic surgery???????

Heck NO!

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