Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dancing with JOY x2!

Soooooooo, it is time to boogie around here.

Stewart Little and Leah are both in their forever homes!

You know how happy that makes us.  And personally knowing both adopters has put the biggest smile on momma's face!.

Leah's momma is Miss Emily and I promise you Leah's new life will be to be envied. I am counting on Max to stay in touch and mentor Leah as they are "neighbors".  And while I am not a fatalist, this match has left me scratching my head because only fate could have woven through time and place to make this match. Leah, you are ONE LUCKY little girl!!!! Miss Emily, welcome to our family.

Stewart Little.  You almost ended up at my house. Almost. Honestly, I do feel that your new family is the best choice! [Ehm auntie Robin, this is what we call nepotism... I am just saying... and I think it's wonderful!] Did you take the basket with you?

Yes, we will publish pictures of Miss Leah, as soon as we get them.

Meanwhile, DANCING to ABBA!!!!!!

yeah I am a retro kind of girl...

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